HTML Code Editor

In MailExpress, you can create email templates using a preset layout in the drag & drop editor or write your codes in the HTML code editor. Here we walk you through how to use the HTML Code Editor.

Select HTML Code Editor under -> Templates -> New -> HTML Code Editor


You can write HTML code in the left code editor or click the blue button on the top to upload a .zip file. Don’t forget to include your physical address and an “unsubscribe” link (merge tag [LINK_UNSUBSCRIBE]) in your footer to comply with CAN-SPAM Act (read more about Anti-Spam Policy).



Upload a ZIP File

  • Your ZIP file must be less than 2MB and contain only 1 HTML file.
  • Place all images and files in one ZIP file. We'll upload all your images to “My Uploads” and create absolute paths for you when we convert your ZIP.
  • Use only letters, numbers, and hyphens in the file name. Spaces or unusual characters can cause problems when you import.
  • Support file format: .zip


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