Template Creation Checklist

We created a checklist to help you quickly and efficiently organize your templates with fewer mistakes and bigger success. You can go through the list whenever you make a template. 

  1. Template name should follow a naming convention: e.g., XXXX_Daily_Theme_MM-DD-YYYY.
  2. Add a tag to your template to help you manage/reuse it in the future; also easy to find it.
  3. Preview the content on different devices (desktop and mobile),
  4. The template content complies with the CAN-SPAM Act.
  5. Click and check all the links in the template to make sure they're valid
  6. An unsubscribe button/link is included in your template
  7. Your logo, copyright footer (if any), and physical address are there
  8. Optional: Set up a preview text (you can do this when creating the campaign)
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