What is a Sign-Up Form

A sign-up form, also known as the Email opt-in form, is essentially a sign-up form embedded on your website or blog that gives your visitors an option to join your email contact list and receive campaign emails from you. 


The difference between single & double opt-in

Single opt-in means a user only needs to submit their email to start hearing from you whereas double opt-in asks subscribers to confirm their emails through another link. 

The decision of which option to choose might not be easy for marketers because of their pros and cons. For most marketers, the priority is to start the conversation with their audiences, the simpler the better. Single opt-in reduces the steps a subscriber needs to take to receive emails from you but it results in a higher percentage of inactive emails entering your contact list and hurts your email deliverability in the future. Double opt-in ensures the people who opt into your list are of high quality and the emails are all valid as these people are willing to take the extra steps to be on your email list. Preferably they will interact more with the content they received and you will have higher conversions. 

Create a sign-up/unsubscribe form for your list in MailExpress

To create a sign-up form and embed it on your website to capture emails from visitors. The first step is to choose whether you want your subscribers to join your email contact list through single or double opt-in.

1. Choose your subscription confirmation method at the bottom of the list settings page. 


2. Then we can proceed to create the sign-up form. Click into your contact list, and select Forms on the right top menu.


3. Let's first create a sign-up form. Keep in mind that you can have multiple sign-up forms but only one published unsubscribe form for the same list in MailExpress. 


4. In the next step, click on the Edit button to make changes to the default template. Once finished, click on the 🔗 button to copy the embedded HTML code and paste it onto your website's HTML code. Remember to click the Publish button for it to start capturing emails. 


5. Now let's create an unsubscribe form (a default one will be used if you have no published unsubscribed form). 


6. Your subscribers will be brought to this page when they click on the unsubscribe button in your email. Click on the Edit button to make changes to the default template. Remember to click the Publish button for it to work. 


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