Monitor Your Email Reputation Health

We would like all of your marketing emails to successfully reach your target recipients’ inboxes. Maintaining a good reputation is important to have high deliverability of emails for your account. View your current email sending reputation health under Settings -> Account Information -> Reputation Health

Review the key metrics of your email performance (bounce rate & complaint rate) on this dashboard. The goal is to keep your bounce rate under 2% and complaint rate under 0.1%. 

Learn more about Bounces and Email Complaints

Reputation Health Gauge Chart 

Your email reputation health is based on the average of your last 7-day bounce and complaint rates. View your reputation health using the gauge chart: 


How your account health status is defined 

Healthy: Both Bounce/Complaint Rates are Healthy.

Warning: One of the Bounce/Complaint Rates is in Warning.

Risky: One of the Bounce/Complaint Rates is Risky

How your account health status is calculated

If you sent less than 500 emails in the last 7 days, the bounce rate and complaint rate won’t trigger the status changes, because the results are not reliable due to the small sample size. 

If you sent more than 500 emails in the last 7 days, the status is calculated based on the following:

Bounce Rate: Healthy (0%~ 2%) --- Warning (2%~5%) --- Risky (> 5%)

Complaint Rate: Healthy (0%~ 0.1%) --- Warning (0.1%~ 0.3%) --- Risky (>0.3%)


Warning: Action Needed. Your account is Under Review, please follow the best practice to increase engagement rates, and decrease bounce/complaint rates to improve your sending reputation.

Risky: Action Needed. Your account is Under Review, we may pause your account's ability to send an email so that you have time to address these issues. If you make changes that you think will correct the issue, contact us with the details of the changes you made. We will review again, and will only consider the issues that we observe after the changes took effect. If the number of issues drops to an acceptable level, we will restore your account to good standing.

We only change your sending status in order to protect your reputation as a sender and to ensure that other MailExpress customers' ability to send email isn't impacted.

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