Manage Users & Permissions

In MailExpress, we have 6 levels of role-based access. Only the account owner and admins can manage users and assign roles. Simply enter the user's email and select a role so you can invite the user into your MailExpress account.



Here are the permissions that each role has.

  • Account Owner

    Serves as the primary user account for the business account. Has the same permissions as Admin, but an account can only have one Account Owner and the Account Owner’s user role cannot be changed. The Account Owner will receive all important account-related email notifications (including orders, upgrades, renewals, etc).
  • Admin

    Provides full access to the account, including managing users, editing account and billing information, creating lists, and deleting contacts and campaigns.
  • Manager

    Can manage lists, send campaigns, set up sender emails, and access reports. Can’t edit account settings or delete anything.
  • Campaign Operator

    Can create, edit, and send campaigns. Can’t manage lists.
  • Customer Service

    Has the same access as the viewer, but can additionally update a specific contact’s status and information.
  • Viewer

    Can view all content but cannot create or edit.

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