Create, Send and View Campaigns

MailExpress provides many great templates to help create a visually appealing email campaign.

Below we‘d like to show you how to create a campaign email.

Create an Email Campaign 

1. On the left-hand side menu, click on -> Campaigns, then click on -> Create Campaign

2. Name the campaign  -> Continue


3. Click -> Select Recipients to select to whom you are sending this campaign email. You can select 1 List only. You will see a Segments drop-down menu if the list has multiple segments. You can select up to 5 segments in one campaign. If these segments have overlapping members, MailExpress will only send them one email.


After saving the selections, the total number of recipients shows on the tab. 


4. Click -> Select Sender to select a sender for this campaign. 

Users can customize/override the From Name from the default name and choose a different reply-to email if needed (The system default Reply-To Email is your From Email).


5. Click -> Add Subject to add a subject line and a preview text to your email. Preview Text is displayed after the subject line in the inbox (Design your email content before adding preview text).


6. Click -> Design Email to design and customize the content of your email 


   Use Featured Templates to help you create an email quickly. 

   Read more details in this section ->  Design Your Email Template


You can create templates on the fly directly or select an existing template from your Template Gallary, Featured Templates, Past Campaigns’ Templates, or HTML Templates.

Manage Your Campaigns with Tags

Campaign Tags help you to categorize campaigns. For example, you can view aggregate statistics for a group of campaigns by filtering with tags. You can add up to 5 tags to a campaign.


Test Email & Send

1. Click -> Test to send a test version to see how the design appears in your inbox. You can test-send it to yourself, your managers, colleagues, your clients, or any stakeholders related to this campaign to review.


Notice: Usually, you should get your test email instantly; if not, please check your spam folder, or try again later. Don't hesitate to contact us for troubleshooting if you still cannot receive your test email.


2. After you review the email in your inbox, click the Approve button at the bottom to enable this campaign to be sent, or click Disapprove to make further changes or leave comments for the campaign operator. After fixing everything, repeat the same procedure to Test-send and Approve.


3. Click -> Send to send this email to the selected email list now or 

4. Click -> Schedule to schedule a send time for the future.


View Campaigns

In the left Navigation, click Campaigns. Here, you can create campaigns and view all the campaigns' previews, statuses, and performances at a glance. 

You can also view a detailed report for each email by clicking -> View Report


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