Campaign Creation Checklist

We created a checklist to help you complete and organize your campaigns quickly and efficiently, with fewer mistakes and bigger success. 

Before you send the email, check if : 

  • To: You have selected the right recipients
  • From: You have selected the right sender email, and have correctly written the Override From name & Override Reply-To
  • Subject: The subject line accurately reflects the content of the message (click here for more information about the CAN-SPAM Act). 
  • Campaign name should follow a naming convention: e.g. XXX_Promotion_XXX_MM-DD-YYYY
  • Add Tags to indicate its category 

Test Send and Quality Control: 

  • Click on “Preview” on the campaigns list page and make sure:
    1. All images and buttons direct users to the right webpage (right offer, correct UTM tracking, etc.)
    2. Tell recipients where you’re located (click here for more information about the CAN-SPAM Act). 
  • Send a test email to yourself and in your inbox: 
    1. Do the same checks as above in the email inbox. 
    2. Check the subject line and preview text to make sure they look proper (e.g. there should be enough white spaces after preview texts). 
    3. In the Preview, mobile view and desktop view both look good
  • Scheduling delivery: 
    1. If you need to select a specific time to send out your campaign, make sure that you chose the correct date, time, and time zone (default to EST). 
    2. After putting in the date and time, make sure to check if campaign status goes to “Scheduled
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