Individual Campaign Performance

Say you’d like to track the performance of each email campaign after they were sent to the recipients. You can either click -> View Report on the Campaigns page or go to the Reports page and view it from there.


Here, you can view its delivery status (delivered, opened, clicked, click rate, bounced, etc.), domain distribution, device distribution, and geographic segmentation.


In the Click Performance section, you will be able to view a Click Map (where people clicked on in your email), and articles that made to the Top Links Clicked list.


If you have indicated the sources of your emails in the list, you will be able to view the performance breakdown by different sources and compare the results (open rate, click rate, bounce rate, complain rate, unsubscribe rate).

Screen_Shot_2022-02-11_at_10.55.48_PM.png Click the Export All Reports button on the top right corner to download detailed reports in CSV.


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