Understand Your Reports

Campaign reports help you track the performance of your campaigns. Use data from your reports to monitor performance and learn how audiences interact with your email campaigns. 


View Reports

In the left Navigation, click Reports. The Reports tab displays an aggregate statistic for a group of email campaigns sent by filtering with their Tags.

Let’s first take a quick look at the Reports tab, and we will then dive into it. 


Report Overview

Here's an overview of what you'll find in your website report


Hover your cursor over the tooltip icon to view the definition of each metric.

  • Total Delivered
    Total number of emails that have been sent and arrived in the recipients' inbox
  • Total Opened
    Total number of emails that the recipients have opened, unique count
  • Total Clicked
    Total number of times recipients clicked a link in the email body, unique count
  • Total Campaigns Sent
    Total number of campaigns sent by user

Hover your cursor over the column of a date to view the opened rate(), clicked rate(), unsubscribed rate(), complained rate(), and bounce rate() on a specific day. All these metrics give you insights into how people react to and engage with your emails.


Delivered = Sent - Bounced
Opened rate = Unique opens / Delivered x 100%
Click rate = Unique clicks / Delivered x 100%
Unsubscribed rate = Unsubscribed / Delivered x 100%
Complained rate = Complained / Delivered x 100%
Bounced rate = Bounced / Delivered x 100%

Unclick the corresponding legend (make it gray) to hide specific metrics on the graph


View the aggregate reports of selected campaigns

You can always filter your campaigns and view their reports by selecting their tags in the drop-down menu next to Tags -> Select, in this way, you can view the reports of specific groups of campaigns.  


Filter a report based on the campaigns‘ time frame 

There is a time frame filter located at the top-right corner. You can view an aggregate campaign report of the last 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days. This filter will be applied to the whole Reports page. 


Export/Download Reports

If you wish to download a campaign report, Click Export All Reports, and a report (a .csv file) of selected campaigns will be downloaded automatically. You can also preview the data in the table below.


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