About Complaints

Complaints happen all the time and even legitimate senders get complaints. However, if an email receives an excessive number of complaints, it will result in long-term deliverability issues. It is important to understand how it works and how to avoid it. 

Track your complaint rate under -> Settings -> Account Information -> Reputation Heath

Learn more about it: Monitor your email domain reputation. 

How complaint works:

A Complaint happens when a recipient marked your email as “Spam” or “Junk” in their inbox. Complaint recipients will be marketed as “Complained” and MailExpress excludes these contacts from the future email contact list. 

The standard maximum spam complaint rate is 0.1% (that’s 1 complaint out of every 1,000 recipients delivered). However many internet service providers have a defer threshold of 0.02% (that’s 1 complaint out of every 5,000 recipients delivered). 

How to avoid a high spam complaint rate: 

Several basic things you should look out for when sending campaign emails:

  1. Have high-quality content and keep your content relevant to your subscribers
  2. Only send to permission-based email lists, contacts who are opted-in
  3. Keep your list updated, remove inactive subscribers 
  4. Don’t overwhelm your contacts with too many emails
  5. Add a note in your email to remind your subscriber how they were added 
  6. Put your unsubscribe button in a prominent place
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