How to Build an Automated Workflow

What is an Automated Workflow?

A workflow is a trigger-based flowchart that sends a series of emails automatically to your contacts. Use workflow to create a customer journey to help you save time and reduce errors. Automated workflow can help you reach your clients faster and everyone can receive a customized email based on their preferences. 

Pre-Built Workflows

Create a Welcome Email: This workflow automatically sends a single welcome email to welcome new subscribers once they are added to your list. 

Create an Onboarding Workflow: This workflow automatically sends multiple emails at different time points for an onboarding experience to welcome new subscribers. 

Workflow Examples for Trigger Conditions

- A contact is added to the email list: This sample workflow sends an email when a contact is added to the email list and uses Gmail.


- A contact's attribute changes: This workflow sends an email to a subscriber whenever the value saved in his "Status" field is changed from "Free" to "Paid". Leaving the cell blank will allow any change in the field to trigger the workflow.


- A contact opens an email: This workflow sends an email to subscribers who have opened any of your promotion campaign emails (notice: the word "Promotion" is in the campaigns' name, check out the campaign creation checklist we made to help you better organize your campaign emails). One time means the workflow won't be triggered every time they open it


- A contact clicks a link: This workflow sends an email to subscribers who have clicked a specific link in your campaign email. For example, if your campaign email (remember to specify the campaign using the cell "Campaign Name Contains") contains a youtube URL and you want everyone who clicks the youtube link to receive another email immediately, the following workflow can help you achieve the goal. 



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